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EL LOBO FEROZ - DIBUJOS ANIMADOS - cuentos infantiles sugartales

Written By Sugar Tales ESPANOL on Monday, Jul 09, 2018 | 07:59 AM

EL LOBO FEROZ - DIBUJOS ANIMADOS - cuentos infantiles sugartales || SUGARTALES EN ESPAÑOL, Diversas historias y fábulas para entretener a los más pequeños con SUGARTALES #SugartalesEnEspañol #SUGARTALES ************************ Thank you for viewing ************** *********** ***** like ***** share ***** subscribe ***** comment ***** SUGAR TALES ESPAÑOL- https: // www. youtube.com/channel/UCL4G_9ANmqQPgvK203D_pkA SUGARTALES PORTUGUÉS (BRAZILIAN) - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7t5V0addqsWrsZ2HzbWOAg ENGLISH SUGARTALES - https://youtube.com/channel/UCJoKuim79PDIAR- Https://www.youtube.com/channel youtube.com/channel/UCZoArSzGVa_F1mkQCjHaypQ The Story It begins with the story of three little pigs that yearn to play and have fun as much as possible, also to lighten the work of building houses to have more free time and thus be able to enjoy their full freedom. Here two forces are represented in Man on the one hand, work and on the other, idleness; this constant struggle that man faces every day to want to win things more easily and without much effort; that free will that can take us on the easy side, but perhaps succumb to those vices for which the soul struggles on its long path of improvement. The three little pigs symbolize the evolution and progress of the human being, from childhood, adulthood and old age; that is, from the state of immaturity to the condition of total maturity both in the emotional aspect and in the aspect of character and how it is that man must learn throughout his life to handle conflicts intelligently and wisely. The First Pig builds his house out of Straw and Hay; easy work allows you to quickly go out to play and have fun without noticing the evil that lurks represented in the wolf. This little pig represents the first years of the human being where the innocence of childhood could lead us to always do things very lightly, inexperience can definitely make the human being fall on a path full of hardships. The Second Pig builds a wooden house, a little more solid but also weak in its structure, he does not pay attention to the security that it can bring him and only that it looks solid from the outside, he simply notices that the work will be more easy and so you can also have plenty of free time to have fun and play. The adult age of the human being makes him walk much more carefully, make decisions, but due to inexperience even of criteria, he often falls into the ease of his actions; Likewise, he can live full of appearances but inside he is still weak in his moral formation. It is important here to highlight that this age in the human being is full of doubts and many decisions that often end up ending their own spiritual being, being able to fall into the clutches of Vice and the worldly pleasures that life puts in front of them. The third Little Pig named the builder; he uses solid and impenetrable material when building his home, bricks and cement will also make him spend a large part of his time working and little dedicated to leisure and fun like the two previous pigs. Before the mockery of the other two pigs, he rebukes them that their duty is to work and that this will give them solidity and security. The moral aspect here is a strong call for attention that, no matter how young and inexperienced the human being may have, it is always necessary to work and cultivate;


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