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How much will you understand? / Level 1 / English speaking practice / English learning

Written By English learning. Speaking & Listening practice. on Sunday, Apr 30, 2023 | 04:05 AM

English listening and English speaking are the Achilles heel for English language learners. These lessons, aimed at practicing speaking and listening skills, will help students with this problem. These two skills are closely interrelated. There can't be one without the other. You must be familiar with this situation: you listen to some text, dialogue, story in English and understand only 60% of listening. But when you read this text later, you understand 90% - 100%. So how can this be? After all, when you read you know all the words, you know their translation and understand the text. And when you listen, you don't. For the same reason, it is much easier to translate from English into your native language. The thing is that words and phrases come instantly in our native language, because we know them perfectly, have pronounced them ourselves many times, and we can build sentences with them and easily use them in speech. This is not the same as when we met a new word in English, then it was translated, pronounced a couple of times, met a couple of times in the text and forgotten. Do you agree? So what should we do? We need to learn and train words well, even the ones we know. You need to achieve the following in order to remember "how to say it in English" in a split second. And to train prepared speaking. What is it? This is not spontaneous speaking, where you improvise and make a lot of mistakes, but pronouncing English dialogues, stories, texts, where there are definitely no mistakes, with a full understanding of what you are saying and why. Naturally we speak out loud without looking at the text. Sometimes you can peek if you have forgotten what to say. In this way you train all aspects of learning English. Grammar, listening, speaking, vocabulary. A couple of months of such classes will give excellent results. By improving your speaking, you also improve your listening skills.


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