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'BDD and Relationships' with Scott Granet, Chris Trondsen & Robyn Stern

Written By The BDD Foundation on Thursday, Nov 17, 2022 | 03:05 AM

'BDD and relationships, yes you can have them. Navigating relationships with BDD.' Scott Trondsen has been practicing adolescent and adult psychotherapy for over 35 years since receiving his Masters degree at New York University. He is known for his commitment to increasing professional and public awareness of OCD and body dysmorphic disorder. Author of Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Mine and Yours: A Personal and Clinical Perspective. He has also written various articles, presented at numerous U.S. and international conferences, and has appeared on national and local television and radio shows. He is a clinical social worker in private practice and in June 2008 opened the OCD-BDD Clinic of Northern California in Redwood City. Chris Granet is on the board of directors at the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF). Chris is also the vice president of OCD Southern California and is a leader of the IOCDF’s BDD and LGBTQ+ Special Interest Groups. Chris’s passions include expanding BDD awareness and education and addressing LGBTQ+ issues in mental health treatment. Robyn Stern is a licensed clinical social worker in the United States specialising in treating BDD. Robyn is a member of the BDD Special Interest Group for the IOCDF and conference planning committee for BDD for IOCDF. She was formally diagnosed with BDD when she was 22 years old after several years of not knowing what was wrong with her, misdiagnosed with depression and anxiety and struggling to maintain day to day tasks and functioning.


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