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💕EP25 Guang Xi's Romantic Wake Up Call | Love the way you are | iQIYI Romance

Written By iQIYI Romance on Tuesday, Jul 05, 2022 | 06:00 AM

【Love the way you are】Join membership for more exclusive titles and perks: https://bit.ly/JoinSuperKiwi! Watch more episodes for FREE & ONLY on iQIYI App or Website: www.iq.com! APP:https://bit.ly/iqappid2022 Website:http://bit.ly/iqweb6 【Cast】Angelababy,Lai Kuanlin 【Introduction】"Love The Way You Are" is directed by Zhongzhong ("Love Is Sweet", "Go Go Squid 2: Dt. Appledog's Time"), and starred by Angelababy ("Bride Wars", "Hot Summer Days"), Lai Kuanlin ( "A Little Thing Called First Love" and "Don't Disturb My Study"). The drama tells the sweet love story of Yin Yike, who seems to have a perfect life, and her childhood partner Xu Guangxi. Yi Yike (played by Angelababy), who seems to have a perfect life, lives a 35-year-old life as a matter of course. Whether in the company or at home, she is thoughtful all around. Like a never-tired Wonder Woman, she takes care of everyone around her except herself. Until she met in a corner of a convenience store, the boy, Xu Guangxi (played by Lai Kuanlin) who used to often went to her place to have meals when she was a girl. Xu Guangxi returns from his studies abroad, but this boy who used to just feel a sense of dependence on Yike, his feelings have budded into butterflies fluttering in his stomach. Trending: 《Love the way you are》https://bit.ly/3OmG7Qa 《Time To Fall In Love》https://bit.ly/3baqL3a 《My Sassy Princess》 https://bit.ly/3JM4TGR 《Be My Princess》https://bit.ly/3w4mNkR 《Oh My Lord》https://bit.ly/3JEmvEX 《Nothing But You》https://bit.ly/3Ai5m08 《LUOYANG》 https://bit.ly/3qrrG33 《Forever and Ever》 https://bit.ly/3esY0wQ 《One and Only》 https://bit.ly/3mA7V8a 《Sweet Teeth》 https://bit.ly/3eppJ1l 《Crush》 https://bit.ly/310f5eu 《Timeless Love》 https://bit.ly/3EAqkrD 《Love Is Sweet》 https://bit.ly/3FLYuuh 《The Day Of Becoming you》 https://bit.ly/341hczW 《My Dear Guardian》 https://bit.ly/344DzVj 《Moonlight》 https://bit.ly/3yZiiYc 《My Roommate is a Gumiho》 https://bit.ly/3pDs6Ex Subscribe Now: iQIYI 爱奇艺: http://bit.ly/iQiyiyt iQIYI Vietnam: http://bit.ly/iqviyt iQIYI Thailand: http://bit.ly/iqthyt iQIYI Malaysia: http://bit.ly/iqmalayt iQIYI Indonesia: http://bit.ly/iqidyt iQIYI Korea: https://bit.ly/iqkorea iQIYI Arabic: https://bit.ly/iqarabic iQIYI Spanish: http://bit.ly/iqesyt iQIYI Philippines: https://bit.ly/iqphyt iQIYI TW: http://bit.ly/iqtw_yt iQIYI Variety: https://bit.ly/iqiyicn iQIYI Romance: https://bit.ly/iQiyiRomance Follow us on: Facebook: https://bit.ly/iqiyifb Instagram: https://bit.ly/iqiyiins Twitter: https://bit.ly/iqiyitw More heartbeat moments all in iQIYI Romance❤


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