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Written By RE:ANIME on Thursday, Oct 07, 2021 | 09:00 AM

Sign the petition if you want to see us make a live-action Naruto Movie with Lionsgate! https://www.change.org/p/re-anime and if you want to show extra support please post this video to Facebook/Twitter/Insta with the hashtag #lionsgate #naruto Naruto has saved my life more than once, he's pushed me to be a better person and to push past my struggles in life. Without Naruto I don't know where I would be today. Thank you to my hero Masashi Kishimoto for creating Naruto and I truly hope one day that I get to create a Live-Action Naruto with Lionsgate/Hollywood! Without the Normies help this video wouldn't be possible! Go show them love and sub to their channel! https://www.youtube.com/c/TheNormiesGroup Thank you to everyone who donated to the indiegogo... it truly means the world to us. Without your support, this series could have never concluded. I'm so glad we are able to finish this film for you all! Shikamaru - Jonathan Tanigaki: https://www.instagram.com/jonathantan... Asuma - JB Tadena: https://www.instagram.com/jaybeetadena/​ Hidan - Hunter Smith: https://www.instagram.com/thehunterc/​ Kakuzu - Daniel Joo: https://www.instagram.com/_danieljoo_/​ Kakashi - Yoshi Sudarso https://www.instagram.com/yoshi_sudarso/ Kurenai: Masumi https://www.instagram.com/masumi.music/ Shikaku Nara: Nobuaki Shimamoto https://www.instagram.com/nobuaki.shimamoto/ Ino - Evanne Friedman: https://www.instagram.com/evanneeliza... Choji - Euri Tanaka https://www.instagram.com/euritanaka/ Kotetsu - Marc Cortez: https://www.instagram.com/mrmarccortez/​ Izumo - Jerry Quil: https://www.instagram.com/cranefistfi... Naruto - Peter Adrian https://www.instagram.com/petersadrian/ Asuma Stunt Double: Ryu Minami https://www.instagram.com/ryuer/ DIRECTOR: Nik Shaw 1st ASSISTANT DIRECTOR : Vince Duque KEY 2nd ASSISTANT DIRECTOR : Micheal Lawrence PRODUCER: Vince Duque Nik Shaw Jordan Nistico Yoshi Sudarso EXECUTIVE PRODUCER The Normies Domingo Vela Marc Cortez David Zheng ASSOCIATE PRODUCER: Serena Bozzi Alice Maggiore Osric Chau Candice Shuval Production Coordinator: Nora Winner Stunt Coordinator: Ian Eyre Production Designer / Art Department Maddie O’Brien Milo Borusk - Art PA Amy Hoang - Set Dec Director of Photography: Marcos Durian Brendan Boyle Ryan Hoang Steadicam Operator: Will Christensen Merlin Showalter B Cam OP: Jerry Quil 1st AC: Sean Coit Chris Blum Christo Mercado 2nd AC: Javier Juanillo GRIP & ELECTRIC: Brandon Garman - Electric Amy Hoang - Grip Arjay Ancheta - Gaffer Nelson Nguyen - Key Grip WARDROBE & HAIR/MAKEUP : Costume Designer Lucy Song Costume Supervisor: Adriel Porter Makeup Department Head: Kao Miyamoto Head Hair Department: Yuma MakeUp: Mckenzie Gregg Luna Imagawa PA : Vinny Palhavan Jordan Nistco Nick Cecconi SOUND : Sound Mixer: YG Gold Destiny Farrant Cem Dersun SCRIPT SUPERVISOR: Wendy Wang Still Photographer: David Katzinger MUSIC: Composer: Matthew Wang Guitar, Drums, Bass, Keys, Vocals By - Matthew Wang Music Mixer: Shalev Alon | PART 6 ONLY Music Editor: Mia Zeidler Violinist: Brian King Joseph POST PRODUCTION: Post Supervisor: AJ Calomay Editor: Aj Calomay, Enyi Zhu, and Calvin Chin Asst. Editor: Alleluia Tyus VFX Sup: Evan Zazula FX Lead: Evan Zazula FX Artist: Paul Robinson FX Artist: Diego Woods FX Artist: Brandon Bilyk FX Technical Director: Harrison Molling VFX Artist: Joseph Cruz Compositor: Sonia Bascope Compositor: Fernando Diaz VFX Artist: Juan Abdo Colorist: Emil Boye Sound Designer: Brian Ortiz Dialogue Editor: Kaleb Klingler Special Thanks Created by Masashi Kishimoto Anime Production Companies Pierrot Tokyo Tv Anime Director Hayati Date Anime Composer Yasuharu Takanashi Manga Publisher Shonen Jump Follow RE:ANIME socials: Instagram: https://instagram.com/reanimefilms/ Facebook: https://facebook.com/ReAnimeFilms/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/reanimefilms General Inquiries: [email protected] Business Inquiries: [email protected] Brand Inquiries: [email protected] About RE:Anime: Created by Anime super fan, producer, and director, Nik Shaw, RE:Anime™ was born of an infectious passion for the culture and characters of Anime as well as out of frustration with the way major studios have misrepresented essential Anime values and characters in live-action productions. Nik believes staying true to the authenticity and the core roots is the best path to success. The mission is clear - to adapt fan-favorite Anime programs into high-quality live-action films while representing the culture and characters that are true to each story and each Anime’s intended values. The goal - Work with Hollywood Execs, Studios, and Streamers to adapt anime into live-action.


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