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Most Merciless Lion and Leopard Attacks You Will Ever See

Written By The Wild Side on Thursday, May 04, 2023 | 09:00 AM

Lions are often labeled as the most powerful animals in the bush, especially when they work together, as a team. Not many animals can challenge them, although a cackle of hyenas will try. If you want to see lions hunt and kill all sorts of animals, including hyenas, this is it, so let’s get started. Lion Attack Donkey Donkeys are tough, and I have seen donkeys attack hyenas without a problem, but lions are not hyenas, even though a cackle of hyenas can often give a lot of trouble to the small pride of lions. Watch what happens when lions raid a donkey encampment in this video. The donkeys have no chance as they watch one of theirs being killed. An Asiatic lion can be seen pulling on a donkey behind, dragging him closer to his friend, so they can both kill it. These lions have invaded what looks like a small village and are causing havoc. I hope no one was out for a late-night walk, or they would have had the surprise of a lifetime. That’s what happens when humans build their homes too close to wildlife. It seems like these lions enjoyed a live feed in this video. Two donkeys can be seen grazing when the entire pride is released into the yard, and the felines do not waste one second attacking and killing the donkeys. Lion Attacks Giraffe When a male lion spots a giraffe already on the ground, it quickly runs toward it and jumps on its back. The giraffe tries hard to get back up, and it almost does, but the lion is strong enough to prevent it from doing so. Then, it’s just a matter of time, before the powerful male kills the giraffe. My question is why was the giraffe on the ground in the first place? It’s not like there were other lions attacking it. Look at the immense power of this giraffe. Even with several lions biting and grabbing onto their legs, the giraffe still moves forward, until the load is too heavy to carry, and eventually, it falls to the ground, which means immediate death, especially, once the entire pride joins in on the feast. A pride of six lions surrounds a reticulated giraffe and her calf. The mother desperately tries to fight off the lions. She keeps her calf as close to her as possible and uses her powerful legs to try and kick the lions away. For a while, she manages to keep them at a safe distance, until one lioness goes behind her back and out of her sight. The lioness pounces on the giraffe's mother's back and claws her way up toward her neck. The shock causes the mother giraffe to run to try and shake the lioness off. As the mother runs, the baby giraffe is left unattended and becomes easy prey for one of the lions as the other lions join the chase for the mother giraffe. This Giraffe is surrounded by at least 15 lions.


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