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Blackball Pool Combination Shots

Written By UK Blackball Pool on Tuesday, Oct 16, 2018 | 12:40 PM

A few weeks ago I read on Facebook that some players thought that, when playing blackball pool, combination shots ought to be nominated... and the rules should be amended accordingly. They argued that potting two object balls in the same shot was very often simply down to chance. In my experience combination shots which by chance work to the benefit of players are really quite rare. What blackball combination shots undoubtedly do is encourage an attacking approach to the game and reduce negative tactics. Perhaps critics are simply new to the game or are given to bashing the balls around the table after a few pints on a Sunday afternoon in their local... where you might indeed encounter a few unintentional combination shots which work to a player's benefit. Anyway, just for a bit of fun and to demonstrate a range of these shots, I thought I'd try my hand at creating a video demonstrating a few combination shots. This is my first attempt and I'm sure it could be improved upon in all manner of ways. The video clips were created on an old Samsung Galaxy S4. The pool table was 6X4 feet, with little surrounding space, which is one reason for all of those close up views. Use was made of free online software for video editing. Also free, online 'text to speech' services were tried out to compile the audio... with mixed results! Bill Hunter


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