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Yahweh songs from the hearts

Written By Diego Laluz on Friday, May 09, 2014 | 07:59 PM

Singing Yahweh and Yahshua. The greatest Name in all the universe is Yahweh the creator of Heaven and Earth. Satan knew how important knowing and using this great name was for the Salvation of Mankind, so she devised a plan to deceive mankind and caused the Jewish scribes to think that this great name was too holy to be pronounced. This teaching is not consistent with the plain words of the scriptures which tells us to call Yahweh with His Name, to sing praises to His Name, to pray to Him using His Name to take our vows with His Name. We in fact cannot worship Yahweh unless we use His Name. Satan the God of this world caused the people of Ysrayl to replace the Name of Yahweh with the filthy names of Elohim translated god in most English scriptures and Adonai translated Lord. Yahweh is not a God, Lord, Elohim, El, Adonai,Baal!!!!!!!. He is the Heavenly Father, Creator, Law Giver, Healer, and Author of Salvation, and the Name of His son is Yahshua the Messiah and our Savior


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